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;Domain Artifact
;Domain Artifact
#[[CDA Overview]]
#[[CDA Overview]]
#[[Introduction to CDA Technical Artifacts]]
#[[Introduction to CDA Technical Artifacts]]

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This wiki contains the editing process of HL7's Clinical Document Architecture Release 2.1. For more information, visit the CDA R2.1 Project Wiki .

Editing and Style Guide

Clinical Document Architecture
Domain Artifact

  1. CDA Overview
  2. Introduction to CDA Technical Artifacts
  3. CDA Document Exchange in HL7 Messages (Change to "CDA Document Exchange")
  4. CDA Templating
  5. CDA R-MIM
    1. CDA R-MIM#Clinical_Document
    2. Header
    3. Body
    4. CDA R-MIM#CDA_Context
  6. CDA Hierarchical Description
  7. CDA XML Implementation
  8. Appendix

DraftCDAR2.1 - Draft 1 for WGM

DraftCDAR2.1.a - Error checking

DraftCDA2.1.b - Error checking