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Role HL7 Member Affiliation email
Co-Chair / Primary Editor

Calvin Beebe || Mayo Clinic || cbeebe@mayo.edu

Co-chair / Co-Editor / Modeling Facilitator

Austin Kreisler || Leidos, Inc. || AUSTIN.J.KREISLER@leidos.com


Benjamin Flessner || Epic || Benjamin@epic.com


Brett Marquard || River Rock Associates || brett@riverrockassociates.com


Gay Dolin MSN RN || Intelligent Medical Objects (IMO) || gdolin@imo-online.com


Rick Geimer || Lantana Consulting Group || rick.geimer@lantanagroup.com

Co-Editor / Vocabulary Facilitator

Robert Hausam MD || Hausam Consulting LLC || rrhausam@gmail.com


Jeff Brown || American Society of Clinical Oncology's CancerLinQ || jeff.brown@CancerLinQ.org

Co-Editor / Publication Facilitator

Andy Stechishin || CANA Software & Services || andy.stechishin@gmail.com

Co-Editor / Publication Facilitator

Alexander Henket || Nictiz || henket@nictiz.nl


The editors would like to acknowledge that significant portions of section 4 of this standard were derived from the HL7 C-CDA Release 2.1 Implementation Guide's coverage of templating. It seemed appropriate to move that content to the base CDA standard, so "Section 4 - Implementation Guides" was created.